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VOIP - iPhone to Aredn?

I'm not sure if possible, but would setting up a VPN on my router and passing the Aredn node to my mobile over 4G allow me access to a VOIP set up or would it only work on the local Aredn network, I've not set up the software yet looking at the options before putting in the time.

I would like to have the option to allow anyone on the mesh to contact via VOIP to mobile when away from the QTH with the phone linked back to the network, I run a pfsense router so I'm able to generate the VPN server and rules to allow access to my node





Hi Scott,

Using VOIP via Firewall's and Routers gets tricky (not impossible) but you really need to have good networking knowledge.

That said.

I am running a VOIP service, which you can have an extension number on, as you have deployed a node.

This is also available via the internet, so you can use the 3CX App on your phone and connect to it from either public internet or from the aredn network as my node has a WAN tunnel set up to do all the port forwarding.




So today, I did the test you were talking about.

I have a PBX (3CX) running on a raspberry Pi on the AREDN LAN.

I have a VoIP phone plugged into a different node on the Mesh network. which connects just fine

I then have my mobile running with wifi turned off, so its on 4G using the free 3CX App. and I can make calls between the mobile app and the phone on the node.

I can also then turn on a VPN to get back to my  house, and do the same as if I was on my wifi whilst away from the house.


All of this done with some port forwarding on the router.

If you wanted to set up a tunnel from your node to mine, and try connecting a VoIP app or phone let me know



Andrew M0ONH

Also, here is a simple diagram showing the basic blocks involved.

Obviously if the internet was not around then the Mesh Voip becomes a standalone PBX only able to communicate with other phones on the mesh network.

simple block of vop network


I would like to give it ago, I've got the node and just require the settings to connect into your node and mesh network.

I've got the 3CX app installed on my iPhone.





Hi Scott,

Ok Sounds great. This will be the first Tunnel so might take us both a little to and fro, to get it to work.


I will Email you directly with the Tunnel settings plus the VoiP Details.