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North East Node

Hi, I am absolutely new to all of this MESHING but I am keen to set up a full node at DL14 6LW.   I need someone to take me under their wing to get it up and running.  I would hope this would be the northern end of a "tunnel" with my node on the Essex County Mesh being the southern end of the tunnel.  (See my post on Essex Mesh under Regions ) 30Mb/s internet is available and Virgin have just micro-ducted our road and FTTP is now available.   It would be great if this node encouraged other local nodes to come along.

Hi Roger,

We have a node already not a million miles from your Northern location.

2E0TWX-AR300m16 which can be seen on the Node Map.

This node is already connected to the Essex Based Mesh network via an internet tunnel. So if you can make the RF hop to this node you would be able to join in the fun.

Hi Rodger,


Looking at the postcode your about 30miles from my QTH.

I think we can set up a tunnel to my node and that would connect you to the others down south, let me know if your wanting a tunnel set up once you’re set up and we can get you connected