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Mesh Chat

Node Sync status.

If I'm reading that correctly does that mean it will sync all the chat over the 2 node you have deployed?

For example if I set my node to the mesh and another user of my mesh had theirs running as well, one with public access like this one running on the UKmesh site, as long as there is an internet connection either direct or indirect both nodes would hold the same information.

If one node lost power and when it came back online would that 2nd node sync all data over to the now back online node.

I'm just thinking that if there was some information that was to be transmitted over a mountain or somewhere where you cant get a WiFi signal at all times but need the information sent to be looked at later you could get a temp connection say a drone to fly up to 120m and create a man in the middle that would give you 15-20 mins of flight time to get as much information across. the mesh chat would transfer over so anyone on the other side would see the historic chat etc.

I have seen a YouTube video on using a drone with a WiFi antenna attached set up that would enable this to happen, but he didn't go into details regarding the data side.





Hi Scott


Yes the nodes will sync mesh chat. So as you say, if there are 2 nodes, both with mesh chat, they will sync.

If one of those nodes looses connection, or is rebooted, it will resync with the first node so they will be in sync.

If a third node joins, it will catch up and sync with MeshChat too.

The MeshChat has to be running on the same Service Name.

For UKMESH.ORG chat, simpy ensure your meshchat service is called "UKMESH-Chat"