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Medway Raynet - Interest in developing nodes.

Greetings from across the water - a number of Medway Raynet members saw your presentation at Canvey and have passed me the details to make contact with you. We have an interest in establishing an "independent E-Mail" service as requested by our EPO and already have Ubiguiti 5-DH dish and a Rocket.We will of course consider other modes but would need a bit of hand holding in setting up a working node and could possibly test a link into your network. We believe this is a very strong "Selling point" for Raynet in the future as EPO has plenty of Mobiles and Handhelds of their own - we need to do something different.

I did try and send a message via your web page which "Failed" so hope you pick this up and could perhaps drop me a line to let me know what interest you might have in your neighbours "playing along". If you would care to drop me a line with your initial thoughts. FYG my QTH is Sheerness so I can virtually see the end of Southend Pier from home.

e-mail: / Controller Medway Raynet - Deputy County Controller

Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting in touch, it was great to chat at length with a couple of your members about how the AREDN firmware and UKMESH project could enable high speed data links for RAYNET use. I am also a member of the ESSEX Raynet team and we are currently working on several uses including : Private DMR network, Email, Instant Chat, Remote CCTV station and VoIP solutions for both RAYNET and potentially EPO use.

The equipment you have sounds like it is already compatible so would work well and provide you with some great networking.

We shortly haveĀ  a node planned in Southend so this may well provide you with Line of sight connectivity onto the rest of the MESH Network.

I will also drop you a line via email so we can talk offline as well, and I can provide any specific information you need.