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M0ONH Nodes

Located in Jo01FR I have the following nodes set up or in development

M0ONH-5-QTH-1 (5.670Ghz  - Channel 134 - 10Mhz) Running UKMESH-Chat

M0ONH-5-QTH-2 (5.670Ghz  - Channel 134 - 10Mhz) Running UKMESH-Chat

Attended my local club night this evening, and several members have shown an interest in setting up a node as well.

That brings the total up to 11 people.

Hopefully the nodes will start to become active in the next few weeks.

Keep you all posted.


I an in the Nottingham area and have been looking at this idea for quiet a few months. I would like to set something up myself. Please contact me with more information please


Adrian M0GLJ

Hi Adrian,

There is information on the website, and lots of information on the main AREDNMesh Website.

Take a look through, the key will be to find some other local amateurs who are also willing to join in the fun.

Then agree a Band/Channel/Bandwidth (as you all need to be on the same) and get experimenting.

Once you have got an idea of what is involed, please feel free to ask any specific questions you come up with.



Following on from the Canvey Rally, where I took a few of the nodes with me, M0ONH-5-QTH-2.local.mesh is now back up at home and is pointing South from my  QTH. Some range testing will be done this week.