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Low bandwidth solar mesh

Hi I hope you don't mind me posting this here, I was looking for Ham mesh networks and found you.

I've been playing with a project that's tangentially related

It is text and chat comms over a 5-10 mile range powered by solar. The devices form a mesh network. No licenses are required.

The bare devices are £15 (pre flashed and ready to communicate) 

A complete IP68 solar node is ~£45, these operate during the daytime, even with some cloud cover.

Are you interested in testing/evaluating them?

The protocol is here:

It's not Ham radio, anyone can use them, but it would be great to get hams/ RAYNET members using them. They could be a bridge between ham users and Parish council members for example.

Thanks for the info, not really related to this project but happy to leave the information for anyone who might be interested in LORAN. I have removed the link to the devices as I do not want commercial links.


LORAN whilst an interesting longer range radio in ISM looks great for IoT applications, but it is not a high-speed data network. It only allows packets of 256bytes and can take up to a second to transmit that data.

The amateur radio community already has much greater capability both in speed and range, using the equipment we all already have. This is very similar to the GoTenna project which is more a commercial Mesh Node and links via BlueTooth.

Good Luck with your project.