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Deployed Nodes

Here you can post information about nodes you have deployed onto the network.

Please provide the following information.

Your Callsign:

Node Name:

Node Description:

- Device Type

- Frequency: 5Ghz Channel

- Bandwidth: 10mhz

Node Location:


Here is my first node, this is just a test using a USB router I had.

Your Callsign: M0ONH

Node Name: M0ONH-5-USB-1

Node Description:

- Device Type:GL-USB150 microrouter

- Frequency: 2.4Ghz

- Channel: -2

- Bandwidth: 10mhz

Node Location: Jo01FR

Services: Currently this is just for testing with other 2.4ghz nodes

First 5Ghz Testing Nodes now up and running in Chelmsford.

These are Ubiquiti Nano M5 with the following

All operate on Channel: 136 with Bandwidth 10Mhz


Node: M0ONH-5-QTH-1

Services: TBC but will include Chat, Email, Pbx,

Node: M0ONH-5-QTH-2

This will be the node I use to conduct some range testing and will take out portable.



Your Callsign: 2E0TWX

Node Name: 2E0TWX-AR300m16

Node Description:

- Device Type GL.iNet AR300m16

- Frequency: 2.4Ghz Channel

- Bandwidth: 10mhz

Node Location: IO94fx

Services: none yet, looking at implementing Team Talk 5 VOIP/mesh chat running on Raspberry i

I’m also working on the first node as I am nervous and excited for dissertation help online as well. Though don’t know what will be the reaction of the public when they will see my work. But trust God Almighty will help me in this and will open ways for me.