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Budding newbie

Hi Lee from Southminster here! Call sign: M6EOV

I was so pleased when i found your website as i thought i had no hope in hell of there being any nodes in Essex!

I've played around with wireless networking equipment for quite some time but i'm still learning! Lol

i have just purchased a Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 from Ebay which will be arriving soon!! I would love to know if i could join your amazing network. I'll try to follow the step by step setups and install the firmware but would i be able to get a 5.8Ghz RF signal from anywhere near my home? I'm in Southminster postcode cm0 7ry. I also have an IP phone a Grandstream GXP1400 to be precise and was wondering if this phone is compatible?

Have a great day! 73

kind regards Lee Marsh

Hello Lee,

Sorry for the slow response! but under the current global conditions I have been very busy with work helping customers set up for home working.

Glad to hear you are interested in the project, please do check your licensing and band plans. There currently is NO allocation in the 5Ghz band available to Foundation License holders. But that wouldn't stop you connecting the phone over the internet to the UKMESH.ORG Voips system. Hopefully you are looking to progress your license to Intermediate then Full, as soon as you are an Intermediate holder then 5Ghz amateur band will open up and you can add your node to the network.

Feel free to ask any questions or suggest any ideas


Andrew (M0ONH)