Keep Safe – Stay at home!

Well we are all aware of the pandemic. This has meant that my focus has been on work related things so not much time to do anything here. But we will be back and progressing the network very soon. In the meantime, please stay indoors, stay safe and keep your spirits up.   Best Wishes […]

Busy week!

Hi Fellow Meshers (ok just made that up) Going to try and post an update weekly just so everyone can see the progress that is being made. Its been a busy week, both with UKMESH and in my personal life! (yes I do have one) So we have not 1 or 2 but 3 new […]

Adding Email Service to UKMESH network

So I have been thinking now that the MeshChat & VoIP telephone network are up and running, the next important service would be to add an Email service for users across the UKMESH Network. Email services require 2 main elements. The ability to send or “relay” emails when someone sends one. The ability to store […]

Raspberry Pi DHT22 Temp Sensor and Web Server.

This post shows how I built a Temperature and Humidity sensor web site using a Rasberry Pi and a DHT22 Sensor. The Sensor is attached to the Raspberry Pi with the only other component being a 10k resistor. Wire the DHT22 Sensor following the Digram Below. Now we need to install the software on the […]

Display and Working Demo @ the Canvey Rally

So I am pleased to announce that UKMESH.ORG will be at the Canvey Rally on Sunday 2nd February 2020 with information about the project and a working demonstration of the UKMESH network powered by the AREDN Firmware. We will have a CCTV camera on a remote node, plus a couple of VoIP phones connected to […]

3 New Nodes

So the network has started to grow from just my nodes… We have our first internet tunnelled node which now connects the north and the south.  Plus we have 2 nodes being deployed this weekend in Essex. Both in Basildon which should give pretty good coverage of my local area. Thanks to Hue and Richard […]

Working phone system!

So work has been really busy this week so I have not been able to spend much time progressing the projects forwards. However today is a milestone. I now have a working VoIP phone system running on the node in Chelmsford. I have tested this across the city and can make phone calls across MESH […]

MeshChat now accessible via the website!

So been playing around again today and have successfully got the Nodes set up and working. One of the first services to run on the network is the MeshChat. Think of it like a whatsapp group for the Mesh Network. I have also linked this with some firewall routing to a public URL. So if […]

10 Ubiquiti Nano M5 Stations

30th Dec 2019. Few days ago I found a job lot of ten used Ubiquiti Nano M5 Stations for sale on Ebay. Very reasonably priced, so I snapped them up. With interest growing overnight in the project I thought what I don’t use myself, I can flash them and find them a new home without […]

First attempt at flashing UBIQUITI M5 Nano Station

So this morning the postman brought my first Ubiquiti Nano Station purchase, which I got for under £40 on ebay. So I thought I would give a brief overview of my experience of flashing this unit with the AREDN Firmware. This write up is not intended as a step by step guide, I will write […]