Hi Fellow Meshers (ok just made that up)

Going to try and post an update weekly just so everyone can see the progress that is being made. Its been a busy week, both with UKMESH and in my personal life! (yes I do have one)

So we have not 1 or 2 but 3 new nodes this week!

G4BMW – Chelmsford node

M0LMR – Basildon Node

M0LFX – Canvey Node

Excellent to have more people joining in the fun. and saying they are willing to stick up a node at their QTH so we can expand the network quickly and make it a real RF only mesh network!

My QTH node also got returned after its outing to the Canvey Rally, thanks to everyone who stopped by and had a chat and showed some interest.  We have had several new members to the website as well so welcome too.

In other news, RAYNET from Kent are interested in building a mesh network as well which could form part of a larger network of nodes going inter-county! Watch this space for more info.

So this week I plan to get out and about and do some range testing, the plan will be to drive to various locations and plot a map of signal strengths back to the QTH. I can then use this to compare the propagation estimates with real-world testing.  Will post the results once I have them. 

I am also going to be publishing some step by step guides, maybe even videos of how to get a Ubquiti Node flashed and connected to the network.  

So thats about all for now, but be sure to check out the members map here to see the growing list of nodes!


Also Links to see working DEMO’s of the actual MESH can now be found on the LINKS page.