So work has been really busy this week so I have not been able to spend much time progressing the projects forwards. However today is a milestone.

I now have a working VoIP phone system running on the node in Chelmsford.

I have tested this across the city and can make phone calls across MESH with ease!

A simple remote VoIP connection point, just the Ubiquiti 5Ghz Node and a VoIP Phone plugged into the node. (Currently POE)

As the Node can be powered from a 12v battery (passive PoE 10.5V-24V range) and the Phone runs on 5V, this set up would be very portable and able to run from a single 12v Battery.

I plan to run some of these at field days as well as RAYNET events. 

The 3CX Platform provides a number of great features not to mention conference bridges. 

You could set up a conference bridge and then people can dial in as and when they want to talk to others. Think of it like a DMR TalkGroup. You can join and leave as you want and talk to everyone else who is in the same TG.




This weekend is written off with weddings and birthdays! So field testing will have to wait until next weekend.

However, if you have a node mesh already set up and want to join the UKMESH network. I can provide an internet Tunnel to link up your node island with mine here and provide a free VoIP extension number to everyone that joins.

Note you can not use this to dial public numbers. only other members on the network. Not a technical limitation, a financial one!

As my extension has both a public number as well as dial-out capabilities (as long as I have an internet connection at home)