30th Dec 2019.

Few days ago I found a job lot of ten used Ubiquiti Nano M5 Stations for sale on Ebay. Very reasonably priced, so I snapped them up. With interest growing overnight in the project I thought what I don’t use myself, I can flash them and find them a new home without much trouble.

Well they arrived this morning, very quickly from the seller! So I set about a production line of flashing. Assuming I was going to face some issues with at least one of the units I had the coffee on standby!

To my surprise and delight, all 10 of them powered on and flashed with the new firmware and I was complete in under 2 hours!

Now that I have more than 1 I can try firing up a few around the house and check they join the Mesh. 


10 Ubiquiti Nano M5 Stations each one with its own Passive PoE Injector.


I set the Channel to 136 so it is inside the UK Amateur 5GHZ Band and set bandwidth to 10Mhz on both units and powered them on. 


Without any other configuration or faffing around the units found one another and built a network between them. 

I then set about installing the MeshChat Package on the node. (I intend to run this on all my nodes for resilience)

It was as simple as uploading the package I had previously downloaded from the website. 

Once installed you just visit your node at http://localnode.local.mesh/meshchat 

And you get a working MeshNetwork instant chat program running. 


I am liking this setup more and more. 

Now to do some range tests over the coming days.