New Amateur Radio MESH Data Network planned for Essex and Southeast UK.

Welcome to UKMESH.ORG 

I have decided to start a new project (along with the several already on the bench!) and set up an AREDN network in Essex. I am hoping that other Amateur Radio operators are interested in helping build up a Mesh of nodes which we can develop into a real community. Amateur radio has many aspects of which this is another. 

There are some fun aspects as well as some benefits to RAYNET operations as well. The plan will be to provide a wide area network enabling resilient communications across the county without the need to rely on the internet.

The plan is to include services including: 

Separate DMR Network

DMR is great when you have internet. But the ability to link hotspots and repeaters even when the internet is not available will greatly assist with RAYNET operations.

VoIP Telephone Network

I will be running a Phone System over the network, and everyone who joins will get a free telephone extension. Call your friend to schedule an 80M Net!

MeshChat and more...

I will be running several other services to get the network started including; Webcams, Web server, MeshChat. As the network grows this exciting aspect of the hobby opens many more possibilities!

Check out the introduction page for information about what this project is.


View the services running on the mesh network LIVE DEMO on the Links page.